If you played organized sports as a kid, you likely had a coach. This person recognized and assessed the skills you brought to the team, considered the way you related to others and evaluated how you responded to a variety of conditions. This coach then helped cultivate your skills so your individual performance improved, along with your interaction with the rest of the team in a number of different circumstances.

And so it is with a Life Coach. We assume you bring a set of characteristics and personal skills to the table. We believe you are whole, and have all the tools in your personal shed that will enable you to successfully navigate through your life. So when you come upon a time in life where you feel stuck or immobilized, a Coach can help cultivate your strengths so you may move forward purposefully toward your goals.

As a divorcing breadwinner, chances are you are working through the stresses of change. Along with the typical disruption that results from ending a marriage, you also might become responsible to equalize the income ledger between you and your spouse. Ouch. It’s a big pill to swallow, and if the law says so, gulp. But be prepared to seek support to help you cope if your burdens are making you miserable.