AND THOSE SHOES HURT! Hi, my name is Lisa Manyoky. I am a Certified Coach, longtime business owner and divorced breadwinner. My divorce was a grueling ordeal that left a wake of devastation for me and my children. While cleaning up the mess and trying to restore joy to my home and family, I learned lessons too numerous to count about coping with loss, unexpected inequities and moving forward successfully. My kids and I came out the other side intact, but it took a lot of focus and tenacity to look ahead, believing all would be well.

Coaching is the evolution of this experience. I became determined to share my lessons, coping strategies and humor to help divorcing breadwinners muddle through the divorce process, recover from post-signature fallout and then redefine themselves as singles. Then, when they are ready, I help them dig into themselves to get clear about what makes them tick, who makes them tick and how to find the right ticker.

By the way, I am also the proud Mom of three teenagers who are the apples of my eye. That means I split my time as mother, coach, entrepreneur, chauffeur lady, hockey fan, concert groupie, short-order cook, laundry chick and black belt. Every day is different, and there is no rest for the weary. I wouldn’t have it any other way.