Yes, divorce is hard. No, life won’t be the same after it’s all said and done. BUT!!! You need not feel doomed to a future alone and encumbered forever with responsibility. Divorce can be energizing. Liberating. Exciting. 

Of course, you must first…

  • get through negotiation, mediation or litigation
  • mourn your losses
  • learn to keep your own company
  • downsize or budget if money is tight
  • exhale

And then…when you’re ready to explore…you gotta get OUT THERE and date, yuck it up and take on the world as a new single on the market. You don’t always have to like it, but I recommend you at least give it a whirl.

If you have children, dating as a parent is a real treat. With healthy communication, it’s a breeze. Without it, life can get messy. Coaching can help you make this process easier. Click here for more thoughts on dating with kids.

If you are a sole custodian, you need to befriend trusted babysitters.

If you are sharing custody, do not malign your ex. Parental alienation is selfish. It makes divorce more painful for kids who are already suffering. Click here for more thoughts on biting your tongue.

If you are worried about how you present to others, see an image consultant.

If you have no idea how to begin online dating, check out 2 Coaches on Call for spirited and substantive advice on where to start.

If you need a makeover, get one.

If stress and anger are compromising your health, see your physician.

There’s much more to learn, so please email me at to talk about a coaching engagement or so I can help you reach resources you need to jumpstart the next chapter.