Moving through divorce as a breadwinner adds a dimension to the proceedings that the lower earner does not have to experience. This is a site geared toward helping breadwinners cope with that dimension. Divorce implies loss, change and disruption. Maverick Inspired is a coaching practice for breadwinners who need help coping with related disappointments, managing emotions, keeping stress in check, communicating without inflaming, and in particular, preparing for increased fiscal responsibility.

This is not a site, however, that teaches litigants how to manipulate negotiations to exempt them from obligation. In some cases, it IS appropriate for a breadwinner to contribute toward a former spouse for a period of time. This is also not a site that teaches future recipients of spousal support how to secure a more generous award.

If you’re a breadwinner struggling with change, or unsure about how to maintain control when divorce communication becomes difficult, please email me at to discuss a coaching engagement.