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Fear: Part & Parcel of Divorce

If you’re afraid of what life will be like once your divorce papers are signed, then you’re normal. The extra bonus of being the breadwinner as your divorce looms large is fear of how you will meet new financial demands. Unless you are exceptionally solvent, the addition of a second household and the expenses that come with it can be great burdens to bear.

So how do you handle the fear? Well, I suggest, though cliche, one day at a time. It is smart to understand the laws of your state and to get a clear sense of what your settlement results could be, but it is not smart to become immobilized by fear and worry. Bite off a little piece of the fear when you’re up to it. Don’t speculate about potential scenarios that may not even come about.

If you find yourself struggling to keep it all together, then it is in your best interests to seek support. Remember, the terms to which you agree can change, but it’s a pain in the neck and costly to pursue adjustment. Be smart before ink hits paper.