Moving through divorce as a breadwinner adds a dimension to the proceedings that the lower earner does not have to experience. This is a site geared toward helping breadwinners cope with that dimension. Divorce implies loss, change and disruption. Maverick Inspired is a coaching practice for breadwinners who need help coping with related disappointments, managing emotions, keeping stress in check, communicating without inflaming, and in particular, preparing for increased fiscal responsibility.

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I’ve Worn Your Shoes

AND THOSE SHOES HURT! Hi, my name is Lisa Manyoky. I am a Certified Coach, longtime business owner and divorced breadwinner. My divorce was a grueling ordeal that left a wake of devastation for me and my children. While cleaning up the mess and trying to restore joy to my home and family, I learned lessons too numerous to count about coping with loss, unexpected inequities and moving forward successfully. My kids and I came out the other side intact, but it took a lot of focus and tenacity to look ahead, believing all would be well.

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Why Coaching

If you played organized sports as a kid, you likely had a coach. This person recognized and assessed the skills you brought to the team, considered the way you related to others and evaluated how you responded to a variety of conditions. This coach then helped cultivate your skills so your individual performance improved, along with your interaction with the rest of the team in a number of different circumstances.

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How to get informed, manage fears, maintain control and ultimately, thrive: Essential support for the divorcing breadwinner

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